Head & Neck

Head & Neck

Head and Neck very important part of ENT and of Human Body.If you are looking for an expert ENT surgeon in Men, Women,Nose ,Throat, Ear,Head & Neck, face cosmetic surgery in mohali then you can contact Dr Sartaj Buttar.

Structure Commonly Involved:

Disense in Neck & Which requires surgery as a part of its Treatment by ENT surgeon.


  • Thyroid- Hemi, Total, Subtotal, thyroideclonies

  • Para Thyroid-Parathyroid Adenoma

  • Salivary gland surgery- Submandibular gland Excision

  • Thyroglossal cyst – Excision

  • Head Neck Tumours of Venels Nerves & Muscles

  • Cosmetic Surgery of Face including Reconstruction/ Corrects of Neck Structures.

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